Wednesday, April 25, 2007

About My old best friends

Last night, we made appointment for dinner by gathering old friends 7 persons group.
Last 9yrs, we were 10persons group.
Our group organizer, Ma Ma had already passed away by suiciding by herself due to bad experience in her matrimonial affair. Two guys have already get married with their each sweet heart. Now, we 7persons only left as single.
(This photo was taken in 1989. 4persons not yet included.)
One of us was not free last night with her work.
So, we 6person only have a chance to gather and have dinner happily as the same like last 9yrs.

We are very talkative and make noise loudly by laughing.
During other years, one of us is studying and working in Australia.
Others were staying separately at each work in different cities and towns.
As for me, sometimes, I was in Mandalay or Mogoke.
Some had to live in Monywa or Mandalay.

(This month) At the moment, all are in Yangon.
One who is staying in Australia, he returned and visited Myanmar Thingyan Festival this year.
Thence, we got a chance luckily to meet each other.
Very happy and enjoyable time again!
I wanna post our group photos at soonest.
While we meet and speak about past and present, we feel youthful and delightful.
We have already possessed semi-successful works and intermediate rank or position respectively.
We can spend money reasonably.
We can exchange too many experiences and information among us a lot.
We can discuss future matters with positive thinking.
Especially, we can do air-feeling about our love matters accordingly.
After dinner, we get home happily by looking forward to meet on this Saturday.
Even we cannot control our physical, we can keep and alive our mental relationships with warm hearts.
Because we are very old best friends.
We knew about each other very well.
We can understand each other very well.
We are still trusting each other.
We have sympathy each other.
We look forward to give hands each other.
We used to forgive each other nomatter what.
We never betrayed among us.
We still hope to keep our friendships firmly till the end of our life.
We are best friends la.
I have been well noted that we should satisfy if we got one best friend in our life.
As for me, I have got 10friends and still left 9friends till Today.
Who should not satisfy like this status? And you?

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