Monday, April 30, 2007

Full Moon day of Kason(My younger Brother's Birthday)

Firstly, I wanna say "Happy Birthday" to my younger brother.
In our family, I have only one brother. I am the elder daughter who not clever and obey till Today.
I like to do what I do and I like to stay where I enjoy as my wish.
I like to control my life and career by myself.
O.K, I will tell later about my family and me.
Now, I wanna write about Full moon day of Kason.

Kason(May), the second month in the Myanmar calendar, is deemed the hottest month of the hot season. Yet it is the most significant day in the Buddhist world. The full moon day of Kason is deeply intertwined with the milestones in the Buddhas life. It is a day four times blessed. To Myanmars it is the festival of pouring water on the Bodhi tree. This day is called Vesak Day in other Buddhist countries.
The full moon day of Kason is the Buddha Day, celebrated by the Buddhist faithful throughout the world. On this day Dipankara Buddha prophesied to the hermit Sumedha that he would become Gotama Buddha, the latest one in this Baddha World, who again on suchlike days was born, attained Enlightenment(i.e, became the Buddha), and entered Parinibbana(i.e, passed away).
The Bodhi tree(Ficus Religiosa), under which former prince Siddhattha attained Enlightenment, is held sacred. Hence the act of pouring water on it is an expressiion of piety and respect shown to him.
The Kason-water pouring ceremony is usually preceded by a brilliant pageantry. Participants come carrying pots of water and Eugenia springs and flowers. Then chanting of Paritta verses, a brief explanation of the rites, recitation of poems praising the Lord Buddha. Finally, water is poured at the foot of the Bodhi tree. Yet festive atmosphere is not lacking: light refreshments are served accompanied by music and dance performed by amateur merry-makers.
Every pagoda in Myanmar worth its salt has a sacred site complete with a Bodhi tree in its precincts. You can watch grander Kason ceremonies at all the bigger pagodas including the Shwedagon Pagoda.
(I honestly admit that this essay about full moon day of Kason is copied from Mr. Khin Aung(English) who had been to published in Today some issue.)

This evening around 5:00P.M, we(our 7friends group) are going to Shwedagon Pagoda and participate the festival of pouring water on the Bodhi tree.
I hope to post our photos taking there at soonest.


About My Twante Trip and fullday activities on 29-April

Our 6freinds group went Twante on 29-April.
Twante is 30km south of Yangon and well known for its pottery. The process of making pottery and hand-woven cotton cloth can be seen.
I wanna write detail with many photos as below.

I made alarm on 6:00 and call my friend to wake up and ask pick me up 7:00 A.M in time.
We had breakfast at Shwe Si Cafe and met there as meeting point. About 8:00, we had arrived at port(U-Can Restaurant). We had to wait 4foreigners about 30minutes because they lost their way to port. Guide had to find them and bring them to there.
Our Mahaythi boat started to depart at 8:30A.M.
On board, there are 1chinese couple with chinese guide, 4Europeans, our group(6friends), one reporter(may be Pyi Myanmar Journal) and cruise staffs with their English guide .
We will need to ride about 2:30 hrs for upstream to Twante.
During this time, we were speaking, eating sun-flower seeds, drinking china tea and some snacks.
Sometimes, we took photos and videos as live.
On the way, as for us, some sightseeing is not special scenic view. But for foreigners, many photos were worthy to be taken .
We arrived at 11:00A.M at Twante.
Firstly, we walked in the market. There are many interesting shops for foreigners and they can oberve local population with life style.
As Sunshine was too bright at that time, we bought and wear bamboo hats. After 30minutes walking, we arrived at pot selling hut. We took some pictures there. Then, cruise manager arranged and hired horse carts to go to pot making industry. With 5~10minutes riding horse carts, we arrived at pot making industry.
Over 70yrs woman was making Owh-Poat(Traditional child playing things as toys). She is one of very excellent workers. Wow, Very fast working for attractive things.

Owner of this industry showed and explain her works very well.
She is very generous and be patient to explain detail.
According to her speaking, I had known that her some pots as sake pots had already exported to Japan. Raw pots before baking is with brown color. After baking, color will change to green. Very interesting point for me. And also Sake pot need to have space to be filled up 10bottles. Among these, small one is just filled up 7bottles. So, they had to make again big one. This big one is O.K.

After we observing there, we proceed to go to Shwe San Daw Pagoda.
We prayed and worship there. Also, we collected money and donate for Pa Htan(recidation).
Then, we depart there and sat at cold drink local shop .
We drank Sugar -cane juice and took a rest a while there. Because weather is too hot for us.
As Cruise manager's order, we have to return to boat exactly on 12:30.
Riding horse cart is also very excited for us.(no longer to ride horse cart in Yangon)

We arrived at Jetty in time and staff offered us cold tower and ready to have lunch on board. Rice and curries with light taste especially for foreigners. Very delicious!
During lunch time about 1:30 PM, cruise started to return back. After lunch, we drink cold drink and eat Papaya fruit which they served for us.
We were full of stomach and agreed to go down to sing Karaoke.

We sang the songs and making joke each other for our returning. We arrived back exactly 3:00PM because time taken about 1:30 hrs for downstream to Yangon. Our trip was very enjoyable and left remembrance in our memories.

Once I arrived at Yangon, I had to go to meeting for discussing mainly about the progress made by Searchers-Myanmar and the way forward in the months ahead in 2007.
I did sign the oath to be recognized as a searcher.
I also thank my friend, Ko Minn Thu, to introduce with this organization.
Meeting finished on 5:00P.M.

Then, my friends picked me up and went Myin Thar Myo Oo Monastery which located in South Okkalapa.
We have one friend in our group who passed away last 4yrs.
By dedicating her good result, we donated money for education cost for orphans, poor and destitute children in this monastic school.
We are pleased to share our good deeds to get the same portion like us.
P.S: If you are interested in donating to this Monastic school, You can visit this link at:

After that, we went to Inya Lake and walked there.
We had dinner at Love boat restaurant inside Inya Lake.
After dinner, we returned at each home.
When I arrived home, time was 9:00 PM.
The whole day is very tired with too much activities but very very enjoyable day in our lives.


Saturday, April 28, 2007

About My old best friends

Now I am in office for work.
This afternoon(3:00 P.M), we've already made appointment to take pictures as group photos.
We will make some donation by dedicating to Ma Ma who passed away last 4yrs.
Then, we will go and sit at nearby of Inya Lake as last 9yrs so as to do chit-chat and to wait and watch lovely scene of sunset.
I feel happiness and enjoyment in advance.
The day after tomorrow, I can post detail what we do with some photos by editing this post.
I wanna share my joy to you all.
But I think, you all already goes well with you.
I wanna post now(30-April, 14:30) our group photos stickers which taken on 28-April, 18:00.


Friday, April 27, 2007

I wanna grumble

Temperature is about 42~43 degree C.
Electricity supply is around 6hours per day.
Air-condition is useless due to electricity broke out.
Water supply also cannot be enough even for bathing.
I wanna vanish as vapor because I am too hot.
Internet access is frequently connection down.
Mostly free e-mails are banned.
Commodity prices are like rocket-firing.
I cannot control my expenses monthly and then I cannot manage well my financial.
I have no money and no honey.
Living standards are low for even normal standard people who has income or salary round about 1lakh kyats: In US$ 100.
Recently, we face with bird flu.
As funny, mostly people scared this and avoid to eat chicken but they still eat duck and eggs.
So pity due to poor knowledge in health.
I have wordless to mention about Sex Education and to prevent TB, Hepatitis B, C and HIV.
In our country, there is heavily brain draining.
Most of my friends are going abroad for time being.
Friends from oversea are recommending to come and work at their places accordingly.
Sometimes, I wanna leave others in the lurch.
But, I have good aim that I wanna give my hand to poorer persons than me as much as I can although I havn't yet escape from poor situation.

I got information from my friend that there is a organization(Overall development for poors) which established on 1st January 2007. It is Searchers-Myanmar, a development and relief oriented humanitarian organization aiming to promote community participation and social mobilization in the development and social works on a long term basis thereby finding lasting solutions for rebuilding lives of poor in Myanmar.
I am interested in volunteering as a searcher.
This Sunday, there is a meeting for discussing mainly about the progress made by Searchers-Myanmar and the way forward in the months ahead in 2007.
I will go to attend there as just listener and to get clarification from them after their discussion.
I hope I have a chance to be one of searcher joining with them.

They also need you to do works better. Let's join our hand together and we can make a difference.
Please kindly visit this link at :


Thursday, April 26, 2007









10 Weird things about Me

During these days, in our Myanmar Blogger Community, Tagging game by expressing Weird things about oneself is very popular. As a result of this, one of my sis blogger asked me to participate in this game by writing them down.
So, Let's start it.

111) I like snacks too much and can eat it a lot. (at least 3~4days, I can live without eating rice and curry even one time) I can eat a lot buffet for 2hrs by running defrag my stomach.(You know: walking and talking with others and then sitting down and proceed to eat more)

222) I cannot live without drinking coffee daily and if I wanna be drunked and to forget present, I used to drink Espresso(strong- tasted coffee) instead of drinking beer and alocohol.(because I wanna challenge and talkative when I being drunked)

333) I like to wear sexy dresses(even dog wanna bark and bite me hehe :P)

444) Too much spending and not have bargaining ability as my weakness.(sometimes, I have to pay taxi charges when I arrived at home because no money left to return home)
(So, my boyfriend cannot bear it and not dare to get married with me. :D)

555) I used to write poem and sing the songs either be sad or happy as sentimental lady.
(In my blog, expressing my feelings about loving one guy makes me no dignity because I received comments that "shameful blog and I've no dignity" from someone as anonymous.)

666) I used to fall in love seriously although I havn't found yet out perfect match.
(Don't think to accept your proposal. J/K)

777) I have never been arrived new place whenever I go there by one stroke.
(Some Taxi drivers used to leave at nearest place where I wanna go.)

888) I am always optimistic on myself whatever I do, face and being.
(Sometimes boastful and high flown expression)

999) Too much conservative in thinking and living way but fashionable dressing style as above already mentioned.

101010) Some strange behavior as my secret:
While I am laughing, my heart is crying with full of tears.(due to pretending my upset feeling)
While I am crying, I will be happy or enjoy.(according to my beloved one teasing me)

Well, I have still more to express my supernatural or extraordinary things.
But I think that much is enough. If not, my friends and partner will try to stay away from me(hehe)

I wanna request all who read my tag to participate this game by writing your 3weird things at least in comment. Thanks a million!


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

About My old best friends

Last night, we made appointment for dinner by gathering old friends 7 persons group.
Last 9yrs, we were 10persons group.
Our group organizer, Ma Ma had already passed away by suiciding by herself due to bad experience in her matrimonial affair. Two guys have already get married with their each sweet heart. Now, we 7persons only left as single.
(This photo was taken in 1989. 4persons not yet included.)
One of us was not free last night with her work.
So, we 6person only have a chance to gather and have dinner happily as the same like last 9yrs.

We are very talkative and make noise loudly by laughing.
During other years, one of us is studying and working in Australia.
Others were staying separately at each work in different cities and towns.
As for me, sometimes, I was in Mandalay or Mogoke.
Some had to live in Monywa or Mandalay.

(This month) At the moment, all are in Yangon.
One who is staying in Australia, he returned and visited Myanmar Thingyan Festival this year.
Thence, we got a chance luckily to meet each other.
Very happy and enjoyable time again!
I wanna post our group photos at soonest.
While we meet and speak about past and present, we feel youthful and delightful.
We have already possessed semi-successful works and intermediate rank or position respectively.
We can spend money reasonably.
We can exchange too many experiences and information among us a lot.
We can discuss future matters with positive thinking.
Especially, we can do air-feeling about our love matters accordingly.
After dinner, we get home happily by looking forward to meet on this Saturday.
Even we cannot control our physical, we can keep and alive our mental relationships with warm hearts.
Because we are very old best friends.
We knew about each other very well.
We can understand each other very well.
We are still trusting each other.
We have sympathy each other.
We look forward to give hands each other.
We used to forgive each other nomatter what.
We never betrayed among us.
We still hope to keep our friendships firmly till the end of our life.
We are best friends la.
I have been well noted that we should satisfy if we got one best friend in our life.
As for me, I have got 10friends and still left 9friends till Today.
Who should not satisfy like this status? And you?


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

If I were a computer now

If I were a computer now, at the moment please do it for me.

Pls install time track software, firstly
So as to return to Year 2006.
Then, run defrag for my fragmented heart.
If it is still needed, do formatting it.
And also change memory as new either to face with challenges in future or to forget everything concerned with you in past.
Finally, install new love version as OS to live my life as human being.
(OS: Operating System)

ummh..., This is just day dreaming as it would be possible.
If it is not possible like that, pls burn it with fire.
By entering 'escape' key, I cannot escape from my mistakes by myself doing.

To whom it may concern, only you will understand what I mean.


Geese Teaching



Monday, April 23, 2007

To My Love

My heart, my love

I wanna let you know that I love you too much.
Whatever you ask from me, I will accept to follow according to yours.
I never felt like this feeling before.
I've already known loving you is my sin.
To be loved by you is my only one hope from my Pandora box.
Firstly, I want you to understand my love for you as complement: "Ah Phyait khan"(sorry, I don't know it in English well).
But I cannot understand you why you add love thorn in my heart.
You make me love you by your words, by your kindness and by your attention to me day by day.
At the moment, I don't know what happened and why you wanna try to disconnect me.
Nomatter what, I wanna hear always calling from you.
I wanna express my feelings completely upon you more than I can write and say words.
I wanna say again Loving you is my sin.


Friday, April 20, 2007


Days passed into month and months into year

My faith in you changed not my dear

The hour we spent in days of old

Keep coming back to me in times like gold

Nothing in earth could force me to forget you

Thinking of you always comfort me when I'm blue

You are the rain drops that quench my thirst

And the stars that shine in my heart.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Thingyan Days

Dear Diary,

This year's Thingyan Festival is over.
Due to my back bone pain, I cannot go and participate at Mandatt(pandal) and cannot also visit with car.
Luckily, on Thingyan middle day(15-April)'s A.M, while our office was making donation as 'Satudithar' with Mohinghar(Myanmar Well known as Snacks, to know more: "") ,

I invite you to come and join with me. But you did reject my proposal at once.

At that time, I feel again my back bone pain heavily and I wanna go home.
But, later a while, you and your friend(only two) arrived at our office.
I didn't expect that.
Someone was asking my name and my guests had arrived in front of office(I didn't invite but you)
Form being hidden inside office, I came out and thinking of who will be.
Once i see you, I cannot say how I was delightful about your coming.
Being asking my colleagues to bring Mohingar for you two, when I was sitting besides you, I was very happy like 10 moons were shinning on the world even how much sunshine was hot.
Then, you suddenly stood up and splashing water to me.
Lol! I was very excited and wonderful.
Before Thingyan, I expected to accept your splashing water to me firstly.
Now, my wish comes true and make me happy and enjoy.
I have been participated many times in Thingyan Festival.
I never been excited and enjoyed and delighted that much.
This year's Thingyan left remembrance and romance footprints in my life.
Although I don't know exactly about love, I can say definitely that I am still expecting loving you than valuable everything in my life.(even you don't love me back)
Thank you and your friend as companion


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I was not very well, at the same time, I have got chance to meet with old friend

9-April' morning, I slept in bathroom.
My backbone hit with corner of step. Thence,I felt back
pain strongly. I wanna cry. I have to put pain relief
But, I was working in office at that morning coz I need to handle VIP group of
TAT(Thailand Tourism Association).
Afternoon, I will need to take leave because of more
and more pain. I can't bear it. I am thinking of
whether I need to see doctor if my back pain cannot feel better.
Evening, I have to see with doctor and according doctor's instruction, I took pill and take exercise for backbone relief.
I cannot sit longer time. I cannot write my blog. I cannot sleep very well.

I did take a full day leave.
Although I don't go and work at office, I have to do activities as below:
10:30 AM: To meet with partners(organizer) for discussion about Thingyan donation on Myanmar New Year day at some orphanage.
2:30 PM: To meet with old friend who went abroad to study and work at Melbourne.
We went to cold drink shop and proceed to KTV(Karaoke lounge) to sing the songs together happily. We used to went there M3 since 9years ago.
6:00 PM: To meet and join dinner with old colleagues.
Wow! My schedule is tight and full of appointments.
In order, I did that activities successfully and enjoying too much.

My backbone pain is feeling better.
Now, I am in office.

12-15 April
I will get holidays. Very nice!
I can go and enjoy by participating in Myanmar Thingyan(Water Splashing) Festival.
But I am not sure my plan whether visiting in the city to do or to stay at home by watching video and resting well. I worry I cannot meet with my love during this period.
I will miss him and thinking of about him. (He will be also at his home)
Feeling better is that we can talk with phone.
For sure, I cannot write my blog within these days because I have not got a computer and internet at my home.
I will try to update my blog if I have a chance from somewhere.


Thursday, April 5, 2007

A Glimpse At Life








Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Where Your Road Leads

My love,

Don't put blame on me for loving you.
I think love is better than hate.
I cannot live without loving you.

I have never tried to restrict others.
I don't like at all who wanna restrict me.
But now, I am still worrying you not to restrict me.

I have never made broken someone's heart.
At the same time, No one cannot break my heart.
I assume as my heart is iron heart although I don't know that my heart is too strong or not exist in mine.

I wish you never forget me.
Even if I am not your moonlight, I still wanna be your one of stars.
Even if I am not your lover, I still wanna be your one of best friends.
While you are sleeping at night, even if I am not besides you, I still wanna be pillow which look after you.
When you no longer need me, I wanna be ghost like casper so as to take care you while you are frightened devils.
But, my wish and praying is to give you all in my life.
I am still thinking of past lives between you and me that I have got love debt from you to return it in this life.
No matter what, with regards to me, I will satisfy if you are not frustrated according your old flame's recontact.

I like this song as my favorite one after loving you:
Do you know it? Its Trisha Yearwood's "Where your road Leads".

If I could be an angel, I'd make your every wish come true.
But I am only human Just a woman loving you.
Where your road leads, I will follow
When your heart bleeds, I'll be there for you
When your night grows dark and you can't find your tomorrow
Then you can follow me.
If we can love forever
That won't be long enough for me
I wanna to hold you tender Be your shelter All you need
Where your road leads, I will follow
When your heart bleeds, I'll be there for you
When your night grows dark and you can't find your tomorrow
Then you can follow me.


Monday, April 2, 2007

Just Corner To Myanmar Thingyan Water Festival


This festival is known as Myanmar’s Traditional New Year Festival or the Water Festival. Every Myanmar citizen is happy on this day and month. There are twelve months in Myanmar calendar too. The first month of each year is calculated from April and the last one is March.

According to Myanmar calendar, New Year Day falls on every second week of April. There’s a tradition to celebrate the water festival all over the country for 3 days before New Year day by throwing water on each other. Thingyan usually starts on 13th April and finishes on 16th April. The 17th April is Myanmar New Year Day. According to the proofs and references, this sort of water festival has been celebrated in Myanmar since 500 years ago. Thingyan Festival is celebrated all over the country. The celebration style is a little different from each city. In Myanmar this festival is called ‘Thingyan’ means “moving from one year to another”. It is quite puzzling why people throw water on one another during Thingyan Festival.

According to the ancient tradition of Myanmar, they have committed sins the whole year. There is also a belief that these sins could be washed away and purified both in mind and spirit by throwing one another with Thingyan Water. Thus everyone is happy with a belief that they would be completely innocent after they are purified physically and spiritually in the next year. Besides, April is the hottest dry season in the year. Therefore throwing buckets of cold water can relieve the heat of the hot summer.

In cities temporary stages called pandal (from the Tamil pendel) are erected along main thoroughfares. Each pandal is sponsored by civic group, neighborhood associations, student societies or government departments, the members of whom stand next to rows of water barrels and douse every person or vehicle that passes by. On the other hand, there can be seen Traditional Myanmar Thingyan Dance performed in the big stages.

On a spiritual level, the Burmese believe that during this three-day period the king of the nats. Thagyamin, visit the human world to tally his annual record of the good deeds and misdeeds humans have performed. Villages place flowers and sacred leaves in front of their homes to welcome the god. Thagyamin's departure on the morning of the third day marks the beginning of the New year.

As a meritorious deed, some youngsters wash the hair of old people and them too. Moreover, there’s also a custom to buy live fish and cows and let them loose in sanctuaries or rivers or lakes on the final day of Thingyan Ah-Tet Day (the final day of Thingyan). This is a custom that concerns Myanma religion. Most of the Myanmars believe in Theravada Buddhism and so killing any living creature is a sinful act.

Myanmars will throw water on both Myanmar citizens as well as tourists who visit Myanmar during this festival with an intention to purify their mind and spirit. If you are here at this time, you’ll feel this atmosphere.

During the water festival, the temperature becomes over 40 degrees C and wet clothing will be dried in short time. The suitable clothing for water festival requires a hat, half shirt, jeans, rubber sandal, towel and etc. In case you bring a camera or video you are required to prepare transparent plastic bag to protect it from the splashing water.

May you be able to visit Myanmar then and all your sins be purified with Thingyan Water.