Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I am very very busy

Very Very Very busy
Wow! I forgot my work that my business partner from one of Thai Agents come here as her sales trip.
She will arrive at Yangon this afternoon with PG-701(21-March).
I will start to busy once she arrived at my office.
I will need to accompany some other small agents to introduce with her and our business.
I will need to give time to discuss with her some matters for our combination and cooperation about tourism business.
At night time, we may go some sightseeings in China town and downtown.
We will walk around and eat some myanmar snacks and delicious food.
After 10:00 P.M, I expect to make phone call and chit-chat chit-chat with my heart.
My business partner will return back on 23-March with PG-702.
At that time, I will be free and try to write new post in my blog.
Sometimes, we shall make priority first for must works than we want.
My life is like that.

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