Friday, March 30, 2007

Having Lunch With My Love

Today is 30-Mar.
I can take my salary by Today.
It is very nice for me.
I make appointment with my lover to have lunch together because he will not be free time in the evening.

We go and dine at YKKO restaurant near my office.
I take time to go out to have lunch about 1hr leaving from my office.
He also tried to come and join with me.

We eat steamed pot with fish-balls.
And then we proceed to drink juice at cold drink shop.
We make many chit-chat and small talks the whole time rather than eating.
We take time about 1hr and 10minutes totally for having lunch and drink.
We returned back each direction accordingly so as to work at each workplace.

It was very wonderful time for me.
Very enjoyable!
Hope he was also the same like I did.
Wish you all enjoy with your lovers, friends and family.

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Hay Mar said...

Love is more beautiful than other things, Nyima.