Monday, March 19, 2007

Do's and Don'ts in Myanmar

-When I see a police / army, except smiling as greeting. I don't do anything. Sometimes, pay respect to those people who are senior to me by age or by rank. Use to call them " Saya " which means teacher. I have no idea very much because we stay away from them.

-When I meet with government officials, never against and discuss his opinions and ideas regarding with politics although we used to make dealing sometimes with relevant official case.

-When you visit a pagoda:

Never wear shoes and socks inside a pagoda or monastery as they are not allowed, although some monasteries allow footwear in the grounds. When visiting someone's home, shoes should always be left at the door. You should also remember that carpets, mats and other kinds of floor covering are meant to be sat upon, so should avoid walking on them especially with your shoes on. In a pagoda, men and women should avoid wearing sleeveless or revealing clothing.

-Regarding with a monk or religious person:

Do's: -give due respect to the monks although you are not Buddhist, you would bow or bring your palms together.

- when you pass through in front of them lower your head a little bit to show respect

- when you get to molest others involuntarily, say " gadows " twice, as a gesture of asking pardon

- When you offer something to a monk or religious person, use both hands.

Don'ts: -Do not spit in front of them

- Do not sit with feet on tables or sprawl yourself on the floor.

- Do not touch the head of them

- women should be careful not to let any part of their body touch a monk's robes

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